Forever Love Story 2015 III (Ossai)


[Geschickt versteht es Zeki, seine erfundenen Geschichten und Personen mit emotionaler Wirkung aufzuladen. Dieser feiste Mann, als 3. „neutrale“ Person, als Berater und Helfer, der möglicherweise gar nicht weiß, daß er Ossai heißt, und in welchem Zusammenhang sein Foto benutzt wird, behandelt angeblich Kriegsversehrte in Kanada. Aus dem 3. Weltkrieg? (Es handelt sich um den Kreuzfahrt-Kapitän Francesco Schettino!) Von seiner Existenz habe ich überhaupt nichts mitbekommen. Frauen mögen Ärzte und Uniformen. Ein Arzt in Uniform ist unwiderstehlich – besonders für eine Ex-Krankenschwester. Dabei fällt mir die Geschichte ein, die Katrin kürzlich erzählt hat: Ihr Resort wurde regelmäßig von einem deutschen Taucherpaar besucht, bei dem niemand auf die Idee gekommen wäre, was später folgte. Die Frau verliebte sich auf einer Kreuzfahrt in den indonesischen Kapitän, dem sie hörig wurde, und an den sie ihr gesamtes Vermögen verlor. Schließlich versuchte sie, ihre Mutter zu ermorden, um an das Erbe zu gelangen, indem sie jener einen Kopfkissen-Bezug von hinten überzog und die Treppe hinabstieß. Jetzt sitzt sie. Also wenn mir jetzt was Merkwürdiges passiert … Noch besser die Geschichte, die mir Roger erzählte: Die Schwester seiner javanischen Frau wollte unbedingt einen deutschen Mann. Den lernte sie auch online kennen. Als sie ihn in D besuchte, hatte er keine Beine. Als Zeki verschwunden war, wollte Ossai ihn suchen – allerdings gegen Unkosten-Erstattung!]
Maureen Frey (2.10.2015) to Ossai: „Dear What’s happened there, tell me? Ossai I don’t have your phone number, would you give me that, please? Did you read in bbm what I’ve written about Harry’s Skype? Ossai I’m not sure but for now I feel that I would never reach Harry again. So please don’t keep me silent too long ossai, thank you“
Ossai: „Even though i give you my number you can’t call now because i have not registered my sim card to receive calls dear, You won’t lose harry, don’t disturb your mind dear. I want to repair my bbm and add you again. Okay?“
Frey (2.10.2015) to Zeki: „Darling, the day when you went to jail was a black day for me. I was still hoping one last time to hear your voice, was all in vain and without warning you’re saying goodbye my sayang … and you’re gone … *tear*. You can’t imagine how I feel darling it is as if something has been taken away from me honey. I ran into the wood and cried. I was so confused so sometime I don’t know what to do, what to think. I was asking me why you doing it to me, you that I most love in the world. Since the last fight honey I felt something cold come from you, I really felt that honey. I had actually decided not to leave you any longer honey and one day we would be together forever and being old together with you my darling love. Because it has become aware that I wrongly suspicious you the whole time and it has very hurt you sayang. I feel very sorry for that honey. I hope you will ever forgive me my sayang. Nevertheless it did no prevent from my will to help you as long as I get money to send. The money was and has been always my central problem last time. The money was always only promised but never arrived, we ran out of the time, the disappointment was inevitable not just for you honey. I felt bad when the promised money was not there, although I can’t do anything my darling. Now also Ossai experiencing disappointment and again I feel bad towards Ossai if no money there. Ossai defended you like a mother hen darling. One wrong word I’m getting a censure. Sayang, my love for you is therefore not less because Ossai trying to protect you only. This evening you’ve told Ossai that I’ve betrayed you so that you get into debt. For this I’ve whipped by ossai. And since several hours till I write this email, I get no more messages from him. Sayang I want you to know that although I love you more than before … Darling don’t give up, God will keep you for me. I’ll do my best to help you sayang you know that. I’m holding you tight my Angel sayang …*KISS*“
Frey (3.10.2015): „Ossai what is it, or are you angry with me? Please tell me, have you any news about Harry?“
Ossai: „My bbm have problems again Will add you later“
Frey (5.10.2015) to Ossai: „Dear, how are you? what’s wrong with your bbm? Did you hear anything about Harry? Oh my God … Ossai dear … please talk to me. I didn’t get so much money from the woman yesterday, so for this morning I can only send you CAD$1000. Tomorrow I could send you US$2000. But to whom should I send it dear? How about the sending limit there, how much can you receive? Hope to hear from you soon, okay?“
Frey (9.10.2015) to Zeki: „Darling since days I have heard no news from you. I hope you feel better every day. Sayang I’m trying to get all the money for you this week, so Ossai can come to take you out next week. We have a little trouble with sending money yesterday but we managed it now and just don’t be sick again sayang, okay? Be strong my darling and focus on me because God will lead us together one day. Darling I miss you so much. Let me hold you tight my love and feel my warm body at your chest. Sayang my Angel … *KISS*“
Frey (11.10.20150: „How are you doing today sayang? Are you getting better? I really hope so darling. Sayang probably soon they will bring you back into jail if you’re feeling better. But be strong my darling, I won’t runaway from you sayang, and I’m trying hard to get you out of there honey. Honey Ossai is always so kind to me honey. Although he had have to work a lot, he always contact me, to give me company. Sayang my love, let me holding you tight and feel my body darling … and I’m kissing you …*KISS* Your Queen“
Frey (13.10.2015): „Sayang remeber that I love you always and I will hold you tight honey ..*KISS* you and feel my body on yours sayang. A picture for you my Angel from Your Queen“
Frey (14.10.2015): „Sayang I’m so sad to hear the news from Ossai, he said that he’s not sure if you will be able to come out … honey I have to cry when I heard that. But Ossai said he will call the police again to confirm the situation. Darling I don’t know if you can read this email but just know sayang I LOVE YOU to ETERNITY. What ever you did in your life honey I don’t care as long as you still love me, I’ll wait for you my love. Honey I really hope maybe one day you could call me, just I case here is my number: Honey every night before I sleep, I enlarge your picture first and give it a goodnight kiss. Sayang you don’t have to worry about me, I’m there for you honey be strong okay? and eat so you can not be sick. My darling love … I’m holding you tight my Angel and *KISS* Your QUEEN“
Frey (21.10.2015): „My sayang kisses to you!!! This is the 10th email I wrote you since you’ve been in jail [Da gehören sie BEIDE rein!] darling and hope you’re okay there. Honey I’m always in worry when I think about you and especially about your jail companion they could hurt you darling. Sayang I just woke up and I felt sad so I enlarged your picture and kissed it honey. I ping Ossai and tell him about it, he always tried to comfort me honey. Oh my darling, how nice if I could hear your voice now honey. I’m trying hard to get money from Teng Hun, he’s not amused because I still haven’t pay my debt to him but although I hope, I can get it from him. Darling I miss you so much and you don’t have to worry, I’m always with you in my mind even you’re far away from me Sayang let me hold you tight my sweetheart and just know … I love you and *KISS* your ear my Angel Your QUEEN“
Ossai: „Hello dear i want to add you on my new bbm again, because i broke my phone screen and i bought a new one. Please reply me when you wake. Good morning“
Frey (26.10.2015): „Good Morning my darling, I heard from Ossai that you’re having high blood pressure, please don’t think too much just free your mind Sayang just don’t be sick okay? I still need you. You don’t have to worry my darling, I love you and will always be with you in my mind. It is 4:00AM my time and I’m sitting on my bed wearing a short dark blue nighty and looking at your picture and kissing them darling. I wish you could read my email honey so you know that I always thinking of you and won’t forget you my love. Sometimes when I’m very sad, I ran out in the wood and cry there where no one can see me. I’m crying too now while I’m writing then I miss you so much honey. So let me hold you tight my love feel my body darling and kiss you on your lips, on your nose eyes and your ears sayang.*KISS* your Queen“
Frey: „How are you doing my darling ? I hope your blood pressure is going to be better now honey? You have to free your mind honey okay? We, I mean Ossai and I will fight for you, don’t worry honey. Just keep healthy and we will meet at least my darling. Sayang today I got embarrassed to Ossai because Teng Hun has not complied with his promise, even though I waited twice in his office last week for him. At the begin he has promised to give me $10,000 next day his money isn’t there yet and on most recently he has not enough money for me to admit. Oh my Got, honey it is so shameful for me, I don’t know how to explain it to Ossai. In my rage I’ve complained to him on the phone because of his behavior. He’s mad at mich because I’ve not given back yet his money that I’ve lent him 6 month before. Sayang it should not be your worry, I’ll find another way, just keep healthy okay? I made no mistake to know you darling, as long as I know that you still love me, like you wrote in your last message to me. Be sure that I will always love you until the end of time because my love is only for you, I would die if I can’t love you anymore my sayang. My Angel I’m holding you very tight and kissing you on your lips …mmtsssuah .. Your Queen“
Frey (31.10.2015): „Darling, I’m crying while am writing this, I can’t hold my tears honey. I’ve been crying so much last time sayang especially when I read your wonderful email that you sent just before my birthday. Its sounds like a farewell. Now I know that it is. Sayang it is now more painful to me to read it. On Thursday, Okt 29th Ossai said that your left arm is paralyzed, next day you’re in coma again. [Armer Harry! Immer Pech!] The doctor said it could be a 6month coma if we do nothing [!] this week. I’m so sad honey because the money is still not there then it depend on it whether we can get you out of there. My darling I can’t do nothing else then to hope that the money will comes soon. My sayang I feel very unhappy and sad about all this. Sayang I don’t wonna lose you honey oh my God, I’m crying honey. Sayang I can’t lose you, we have not even touch us darling. My Angel I will hold you tight now and won’t let you go … I kiss you on your eyes on your ears and lips my Harry sayang Your Queen“
Frey (1.11.2015): „Sayang hehe please don’t eat my potatoes legs, I still need it honey. But I would like to open your trousers now and take my [?] dick out of your pants darling. Then I’ll put it between my breast so when ever I want I’ll lick on it, suck on it like ice creme or bite a bit on it … hehehe, because it’s mine forever darling. Darling my love please send me your sad picture with the parrot sayang, I love it when you look sad honey. Sayang I’ve spoken with Jorry but am not sure if I’d get the money on Monday from him, because it should come from his sister, but it doesn’t matter honey, I’ve another way. It’s sure I’ll get frm Teng Hun, maybe in the middle of the week when he’s back from Jakarta. Sayang patient please honey, I try hard to get as soon as I can. And also forcing now to sell my house in bitung. All will be fine, okay sayang? Honey I like your plans for us as you wrote me; where would you like to live then darling? Sayang am keep looking at your picture until I get lost in it. I miss you my Angel sayang *KISS* Your Queen“
Zeki: „Darling you can possibly super glue my dick on your breast so you will have my dick permanent darling. Honey i will try and snap again and send you the pictures my love. And we will sing together soon sayang. Then for the money am patient my love and i pray things to work well this week sayang. My plans are simple darling, After selling both of my houses i will finally move to bali and settle down so you can finally have the means to stay and be with me when yoy want honey. Because you’re all i have now my darling. Love you and respect you forever my darling!!!! YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Zeki: „Honey i she paid for me and im supposed to pay her back, thats the agreement honey. I don’t talk with her because she employed the police to represent her on behalf of her money. Darling who is this person who wants to bring money for you???? Where did you meet this person????? You met him online???? Because that sounds like a funny story to me, how can you pay money to get money?? Is it a Gamble??? Please tell me sayang [Selbst Zeki blickt jetzt nicht mehr durch!]
Frey: „Darling I’ll get the big money but I’ve to help the person first who will bring the money from Jakarta to manado. This person need money to pay the tax and other things. So that’s now my part to search money for him, hehe it’s a bit complicated huh? Then from him I’ll get the whole 30,000$ for you darling. I hope you can understand how I mean. Darling it’s not much what he needs 2,000$. So now I’m trying to get that money for him tomorrow and he can fly to Jakarta. If I get the money for him, I can start sending you the remaining next week honey. Darling you don’t have to be hungry, I’ll send 30,000$. Honey what kind of agreement did you do with police??? You said the customs lady had payed for you. When is the term of payment and what would happen if you not pay at that term???“
Frey (9.11.2015): How you doing sayang? I wish you could read my email honey. Honey every time I want to write you, I have to fight with my tears first. I that moment when I’m sad, I went to the goats and tell them why because they are the only creature here which I can inform about my worries except with Ossai on bbm. Darling it’s hard for me to think that you’re there paralyzed in coma in prison health care, I’m crying honey … My darling love I would come every day and lie next to you if I could. Sayang let me kiss you on your lips and I whisper in your ear that I love you and kiss your ear tender my Angel …*KISS*Your Queen“
Frey (4.12.2015): to Ossai: „Dear, in the last 2 or 3 weeks before Harry goes to ‎jail, he was already on starving [Armer Harry!] because he doesn’t wanted to touch the money I sent him. I sent him $10,000 the money I had borrowed from my nephew. But at that time he still had maybe $8,000. I repeatedly forced him to buy food but he won’t. Because I thought it’s better he used the money for him to buy food and keep healthy, as if the Thai woman will come and take it away. And that is happened. The police came and has beaten and forced him to give all the money he had. [Armer Harry!] And he did it, he gave them all. After that he wanted to send you the flash drive with the house’s file but he could not, he had not a penny more, so he gave it the priest. I had to cry every time he write me that he was hungry and had to go to the church’s kitchen for food‎. [Armer Harry!] I have suffered with him at that time too because I absolutely ‎can’t send him more money. My niece couldn’t lend me money too.“
Frey (4.12.2015): „Harry Darling, I heard from Ossai that you coughed and that you once moved. I’m so happy to hear that. I hope that you will be up soon but please do not fall into coma again and be strong my darling. Ossai is working hard and sacrifices himself for you sayang. I really appreciate that what he has done. And I’m trying hard too, then I miss your voice darling, I wish I can call you and kiss you on the phone very soon honey. Sayang you can’t imagine how I long for you. My love is just for you forever my darling. Ossai has sent money to the police department and he will soon visit you, perhaps even this week. My darling I’m in my bed and wearing a short violet nighty with a violet small panties, let me hold you tight honey and feel your body and I’m kissing your lips your nose your eyes your ears my Angel … kissssss … mmmhstshmmjuah it was long kiss. Then I take your left arm and doing massage on it, so you can soon hold me my darling. Your sad Queen“
Frey (16.12.2015): „It’s a while that I don’t write you sayang, not because I forgot you but it’s because of my worries. It’s 04:23AM and I woke up and sitting on my bed, wearing my white short nighty and thinking about you and our future my darling. Ossai has visited you week ago and told me that you lost very much your weight honey. I asked him if he touched you, he said he did. I cried when I heard it sayang. My darling I wished I were with him‎ and could take you in my arm like a baby and kiss you. When Ossai back home again he told me that we still need $50,000 more for bail and other requirements. Oh darling … In that moment ‎I thought I lost my breath because I don’t know how I will get this much money again. Until now I’m struggling to get that money sayang. But though I won’t ‎give you up my darling. Sayang my love … let me take you in my arm and press your body on mine and kiss you … mmmuuhssstsst. I love you my Angel sayang till the end of time Your Queen“
Frey (20.12.2015): „Darling, Ossai has sent me a short video of you where i have longed long afterwards: to see you alive, and to hear your voice that I often heard on the phone but now I miss it‎. Honey when I saw you speaking on video, I’m so happy ‎and also sad that afterward couldn’t stop crying sayang. You made all my doubt gone my darling. I saw your video again and again my love and I want to spring in to hug you honey.‘
Frey (26.12.2015): „Sayang my love I just write Ossai and wish him a peaceful Christmas because i know that he’s also not happy because of the circumstances. And we will pray for you my darling that God will keep you for us. Ossai said, they let him know that today you moved your leg a little and your hand too. I’m so glad to hear that darling. Sayang please when you wake up, don’t worry even you’re still there but we trying hard to get you out. I love you honey and be sure my darling I swear by God that I would never ever go away from you again, no matter how you look like. So honey just focus on our future and try to survive, I’ll be there for you, okay my Sayang? Oh honey, I want to let you know too that my goat [!] gave birth to twins yesterday and they are so cute darling. Honey sayang the year will comes to an end and I must have the money for the deposit so we have not to pay to much. But I’m not sure that I can’t get it this year my darling. But okay no worries just don’t fall into coma again okay my Sayang? Let me take you in my arms again and will kiss your nose eyes l lick your face and kiss your ears and lips … Muuuuuuushshdhtsht … I miss you so much my Angel Your Queen“


Zeki [Wieder gesund! Gott sei Dank!]: „Its okay sayang just relax and think your other moves, all will be fine darling. Today i went to the american court to register some little files which consigns the house honey. You can see me standing close to the flag in the law office honey. A stranger helped me to snap it with my ugly phone darling, while the other pictures are the ones i snapped yesterday sayang. Love you and respect you so much darling.“
Frey: „Honey am so happy and i cried when I saw your picture. I don’t expected it anymore. I can’t stop looking at all the picture Sayang. Sayang you look so handsome darling, I love you Although you always smile honey, I see in you smiling face a shade of sadness. Hm honey I see two glasses on the table. You have company then hmmm??? Who was it honey??? You said that you went to the court to register the files to consigns the house. To consigns to whom? So what’s now with the house? Darling I can’t move now but after new year I’ll see what I can do Sayang. Thank you for the picture my Angel Your Queen“


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  1. „Hallo Tom,
    das Foto zeigt einen Kapitän der Costa Kreuzfahrten. Ich glaube den, der damals die Costa Concordia auf Grund gesetzt hat.“ schreibt Marie zum Foto von Ossai. Stimmt, mir kam das auch so maritim vor. AHOI!

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