Forever Love Story 2015 II


Maureen Frey (15.4.2015):“ I know that is very frustrating for both of us my darling, but we have to trust each other and a bit more patience so we will make it sayang. You know darling I have no other way to get money and she is really trying hard to pay me back, even though I’ve beaten her lips, because I already threatened her to ruin her car too [Wenn bei mir der Kessel überkocht, nennt sie das „unzivilisiert“!] if I don’t get my money as soon as possible. And it charge me even further that my money lender asked me for the redemption, but the money from jakarta isn’t come so fast as she said. My darling I think positive and hope the money will be there tomorrow. Hold me tight and kiss me sayang Your Queen“
Frey (16.4.2015): „Sayang, I don’t know how much money you have on your account now. Did they found out how much you have??? maybe you should put some of the money to Ossai’s account and the rest you give her. What would happen if you don’t give them after 7 days? Could they really arrest you and bring back to prison in thailand? OMG, then I lost you forever sayang. Would the american state police allow them to? Have you the american citizenship too? Is it then okay If you only give her a part of her money back? Honey if I get the money from my debtor, it is about $10,000 not more, I’ll send you that. I hope I can get it next week, monday or tuesday, so you pay the lawyer and they can start processing. And you can tell the police, its in process so they’ll get their money soon. I don’t know if this suggestion gonna work (?) Darling, if not, so give them the money but you have to keep some for living. I try here to earn money as land agent [Nie hat sie damit Erfolg sondern nur Verluste durch Fahrt- und Unfall-Kosten.], so may be I’m lucky and can get money that I can send you again to pay the lawyer. It won’t work so fast honey but I have no other options to help you. Unless my debtor pay me back at once. Love you honey, I’m holding you tight and kissing you my Angel Sayang
Sayang, I wrote you so many messages today on bbm but no reply and I’ve called you several time but also no reply darling. Honey, I think it’s better you pay them, it’s okay. How much will you pay them? Sayang, be strong my darling then it will take a little time sayang until I get the money that I can send you, maybe Ossai can help you to get another solution. Honey kisses to you my Darling Angel Your Queen“
Frey (17.4.2015): „Darling love, would the image gives you some hope maybe ? Kisses sayang“
Harry Zeki: „My Sweet sexy sayang, i love your new shirt my darling queen. And your baby creammy face leaves me speechless my Queen. Thank you for everything honey.“
Frey (3.5.2015): „My dear sayang, I want to inform you that I didn’t get the money yesterday. But she called me last evening and said that I’ll get the money tomorrow on Monday. I was so angry so after that I went to her house to squeeze her neck. When I got there she ran away and hid, her husband came to calm me down and promised me that tomorrow we would go together for manado to take the money. So tomorrow I’ll go to manado then with them. Honey she lied so many times to me, I think I can’t no longer believe her. I’ve written you all these in bbm but I’m not sure if you read it honey. Sayang tomorrow morning I will send you $1,000 before I’m going with them to manado [Das macht sie erfolglos schon jahrelang.]. I got some money back yesterday from other debtors. I’ll use Ossai’s name and if I’m going to get money from manado, I’ll send it on tuesday darling. I missed you a lot my love, I’m holding you tight my Angel sayang Your Queen“
Frey (12.6.2015): „I made the debt because of you. But it isn’t in your interest when the debtors want to have their money back. I knew it before the debtor came that there will be trouble, if I give him the money, instead of sending you. I’ve moved twice before the repayment, what you didn’t know. And you’re calling me a liar, and not the woman of her word and other false statement, due to lack of know-how are things here going. That’s why my promise is actually that promise that their give me. And I’m lucky if half of the promise is true. It is not always so but mostly. And at least of all am the evil. But you don’t want to know all of this things because you’re selfish and self-centered. Apart from other trouble what I must endure, I don’t deserve it to be offended like you did. You crush my dignity as a woman with the feet. In which you call me a goat and talking with so many men. And that’s because things isn’t run as you want it. I was thinking about, it’s not easy for me to make this decision, but maybe it’s better if we go our separate ways because I don’t want to be treated like a slave. I wish you a thousands luck with your ladies in thailand.
P.S: I’d like to ask you a favor, if you back to Cyprus and come to the tomb of the twins, tell them, that I beg them for forgiveness. And that I always remember them. And that I always praying for their soul. Always, as long I live. And put a yellow roses from me for each of them. Thank you.“ [Pathetischer Bullshit. Es ist Zeki tatsächlich gelungen, daß sie sich schuldig am angeblichen Tode seiner Kinder fühlt, die sie nie getroffen hat.]
Frey (5.7.2015): „Sayang … Where are you??? What is it honey? Omg darling, I’m really concerned about you, are you okay honey? Please honey give ossai my BBM pin so he can invites me or let me know his email address, do you agree? So if something happened, I can contact him. Honey please … Sayanggggg I’m holding you tight honey and kissing you, I’m missing you my Angel Your Queen
Zeki (8.7.2015): „How was your night sayang??? What are you doing darling???? … Hold me tight sayang as i grab your butt and spank it with my sugar cane honey .. Kisses on your neck darling.“
Frey: „I had to laugh when I read your funny email sayang. It’s good so then I know that you are not sad. I can understand if you said, that you sometimes feel lonely in the world. But you’re wrong. I am here sayang. You’re just not aware of how close I am to you because you’re to busy with your own. It’s partly because we have never meet, touch, caress each other and saying: All will be fine honey, I love you. Therefore it’s very important that we should meet, once I’ve sent enough money. Darling tomorrow I should get 5-7tsd dollars from my debtor. This money he borrows from a civil servant from Tomohon. Hope we will get it before Banks close, so I can send it. I’m holding you tight and kiss your nipples sayang.“
Frey (20.7.2015): „I would like to explain you the situation. You know that I’ve no reserves on my account anymore, then I’ve used everything for you. The only income I have is the repayment of the debtor. This is unfortunately not regularly and little. Because I’ve no more paper as security available, so is my option to borrow large amount of money as well as nothing. None would give you more than $1000 without papers. The only person who borrows me money without papers is my nephew Teng Hun, which i still have to pay him back $10.000, that I loaned him in March. Honey, of course nobody knows that all that money I sent to you. Darling I know that you’re very disappointed every time if the money didn’t come as it was promised. But you’re not the only one who disappointed. Absolutely nothing I could do except to grumble and to fight for it. My heart has suffered in this few months. Everyday the same promise and disappointment. Nevertheless I was hoping again for the next time. So next week something seems to change. I’ll likely get the $50tsd from my debtor, yeah … I know what you’re thinking …. promise again … right? Darling I also know the time is short, but I can’t pull the money out of the pocket of the people. I’m lucky if I can get it soon. If I can’t get it from my debtor, I’ll try to borrow from a friend in bitung. Darling I’ll never lose hope, no matter how bad is the situation. There’s much worst things happened in the world honey. Sayang I’m holding and kissing you my angel love.“
Zeki (16.8.2015: „Dear Queen, Honey i know i have not sent you email for a long time, its not because i don’t care: but its because of my worries honey. I don’t want you to think i never appreciate you darling, i always respect you forever honey. Sayang i want to use this special time to let you know how i feel, your love has been one of the greatest gift i accomplished in my life even though i’m not happy now. You make me have hope honey; darling i’ve been looking at your pictures and kissing them sayang. Even your last videos i watched too honey, i remember how we started sayang and i singed for you with guitar. I remember how you encouraged me to carry on after losing my wonderful kids. I want to tell you thank you honey and when i finally meet you, i will kiss you like you owe me a mouth of saliva. Darling come and sit on my chest let me squeeze your butt and spank it like a school head teacher. [Was für eine erotische Prägung!] I’m kissing and rubbing all part of your body honey, and your body smell so sweet like bubble gum. Honey hold me tight let me feel you soft breast on my chest my QUEEN. I hope your night was sweet sayang???? I know you must be naked in bed too my darling … I LOVE YOU FOR ETERNITY Sayang Harry Z“
Frey: „My Angel Sayang, Darling, I want to thank you for this wonderful email. You know honey, that I always love you like no other I ever loved before in my life, despite the doubt that I had few weeks in the past. That’s why I’m so moved as I read this email, because I am sure that this is the true voice of your heart, and that leads me more closer to you. Honey I feel just as unhappy as you, due to the uncertain situation in which we are. It makes especially me very sad, that I can’t help so quick, as I would like to with my limited options. I truly hope it will be done soon darling. Honey my love, I will always love and give you hope, if this would be taken away from me or is not possible, I will safely come to an end like a plant without water. Darling I also looked at your picture over and over, especially the last picture in front of the Church; honey I enlarge the picture every time so that when I am in bed, I put it next to my face and I whispered to you and kissed you darling. Sayang each time it hurts in my heart honey, because the desire is too great to have you next to me. My love in every step I made you’re always with me sayang. Let me holding you tight my darling and kissing your nose, your eyes, your lips and I whisper to your ear: Sayang I love you till ETERNITY~~~~“
Zeki: „Thank you very much my darling, in a short time we will be together and you will see my big nose and you don’t need to enlarge pictures. Hope you’re not thinking too much honey and i miss your pretty voice all the time honey even though we don’t speak that much. Darling God is going to settle our lifes very soon, just hope in him and focus on me [Welche Religion ist das?] and we will walk through the snakes head without knowing. Darling i’m holding your asian butt and kissing it like and kissing a pregnant womans belly, You don’t know how i feel when i think about us honey. Our love is just like 2 goats jumping and hitting their heads, Darling my queen i will always love you till the end of time. Kisses on your forehead and all part of you body … YOUR ANGEL Harry Z“


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