Forever Love Story 2015 I

Maureen Frey (2.1.2015): „My love, Yeah am not happy because you’re now more far away from me darling, the difference of day and night time make the communication between us more complicated. The bbm doesn’t always support us. Darling sometime I feel so hopeless, and I want to runaway in the jungle and call your name as loud as I can. Sayang I’m trying to be patient sayang so maybe when your villa has been sold, we can meet together for a week or two perhaps in Bali. I don’t know what are you going to do after that, what’s your planning, back to Cyprus and then? Darling, I can only make planning if i know what about would come next. For now I feel like a leaf on the water without goal. But am trying to help you again with less power than before darling. Honey You wAnt to send me some picture too. Where are they? Miss you so much my Angel“
Harry Zeki: „Dear darling, I know the time difference is disturbing our communication but all i know is love never dies. Our love is like a cat with 9 lifes, Darling i have great plans in meeting you. First after selling my house darling i will go back to turkey and fly from istanbul to indonesia (bali). So before i go i will ask you for direction so i won’t miss my radar to another city honey. Sayang my plans for this year to relocate to where we can see all the time so we can kiss and hold each hands as we dreamt about honey. Darling i will sell my second house in Istanbul after i return from bali seeing you; so that i can save enough money to buy maybe a little bungalow and start life slow with you sweetheart. I have nothing doing anymore; i have no to kids to train; and the only thing i have remaining in my life is you darling. You’re all i need honey and you have saved me alot my darling; if you can help me fast as you could this month, then we will possibly meet in bali before this month end honey. I will be the first to get to bali before you can fly down to me honey. I’m holding and kissing all part of your body my love and you’re are my diamond sunshine honey. LOVE AND RESPECT YOU SO MUCH MY ANGEL YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey (7.1.2015): „Honey, am really disappointed when I heard that I can’t redeem my fund now. Darling, feel so depressed then I can’t help you so fast as I want to sayang. But I’ll looking for another way out honey when in the next days I get repayment from my debtor, I’ll send it okay darling. Honey love, I just snapp this picture, I don’t know what to do and drink the red wine that Olga brought me, when she came with the money I sent you last time. Warm hug and *KISS* my Angel sayang“
Frey (8.1.2015): „Hehehe honey this is my legs [Foto] *KISS* to you my Angel sayang from your Queen“
Zeki (11.1.2015): „Dear Queen of my soul, Darling i have been sitting since today and previewing your hot potatoes legs darling, i want to eat your legs but i know you need it for standing when cooking papaya creammy sauce. Honey you’re more younger; believe me when i say it honey. yOU’re too sweet and beautiful my love. I tried to snap pictures which am supposed to send but i look sad in it honey and i almost looked like the parrot sayang. Darling hold my dick and never leave it because it’s your new spoon for your plate in the kitchen. Sweetheart am holding you from your back and kissing your sweet soft butt honey. Honey Ossai is in canada as you asked me via the phone and his still in the camp treating those wounded soldiers who returned from service. Am just pissed off with him for now because his the one delaying my damn plans honey. Honey i love and respect you so much my love; forever and forever!!! YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey (15.1.2015): „Honey I was in airmadidi today, it’s so disappointed, he [?] can’t give me money because he has to ask his wife first, oh damn. And he’ll let me know on Friday, damn too, it’s to long. So i have no other way than to wait for my nephew also on Friday, damn too. But still have another option too. Honey am sorry, we have no other way than to be patient. You know that my asset will be redeem at February 20th. It’s about 24,000dollars. But in the meanwhile I’m looking for another option, even that not much darling I’ll try 😦 Sayang I miss you my Angel and *KISS* and hug for you my love. Your Queen“
Zeki: „Okay my darling Queen am patient and i have faith you my sweet sayang. Hold me tight in my arms darling; love you forever. What are you doing now sayang??? What did you eat for dinner??? what are you wearing my queen??? Come and sit on my face darling sayang, missed your voice so much honey. I sent you a picture today darling did you see it on bbm????“
Frey (16.1.2015): „Honey the network is bad, that’s why I’ll write you now. I got the money, it’s 7,000$ at 2:30pm. The cashier in the bank close at 3:00pm so it’s not possible to get there, in bitung, at the right time. I’ll send the money on monday honey, and therefore you provide me two names. I’ll send them each 3,500$ okay? As you know I can’t take other people to send the money right? And that is the better way honey. Magdalena [?] started asking me about sending money and about you, but I refused to explain anything. You know why? Because each time we sent, she also got money from me for sending and because I used her name. I got this money from my cousin honey, and I promised her to give the money back at the end of March. So darling I can’t take other people to send the money like before. And I hope I can get from Teng hun a bit more next week. Sayang my love how are you? Are you sleeping now? What did you eat darling? My darling I will call you at about 10pm my time this evening if you wake up. Angel my love *KISS* from your Queen“
Zeki: „Honey i thank you so much for the love and support, words are not full enough to thank you my darling and i dont know how to knee and thank you again sayang. Honey you really need to ignore using friends because they will spoil your mind and make you feel bad. Darling if your friends were in your shoes they would have understand what we went through, no one have the guts to judge you or tell you what to do honey. We are bonds and there is no third party between us honey; so let our everlasting love live forever honey! Sayang i will ask ossai if he have any name to join with elisha [?] on monady, so just relax darling before sunday i hope ossai will get the name darling. I love you and respect you so much honey and i’m so grateful my sweet darling, i can’t wait to pay you these debts and free my heart honey. And then we can live happily in bali together forever my queen.“
Zeki (19.1.2015): „Honey ossai is presently in cyprus and he said you could send to his name between monday and tuesday because his leaving on wednesday honey. So send the 3500 and 3000 to elisha and ossai sayang, because ikuraa [?] travelled as ossai said my darling. I even asked Ossai about my house documents honey and he said he will kept it in canada that he will mail it to me once his chanced in canada honey. let me know when youre going to WU Darling and please they should not make mistake on names sayang. Thanks Honey YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey: „Darling am sad and concerned to hear that you’re sick honey. Maybe you don’t eat and drink enough. Honey you should buy fruit honey please do that because that’s winter there darling, your body needs the vitamin. Darling love I’ll pray for you sayang so that you will be well soon. I miss you so much my darling. I’m sitting on your chest sayang and hold you very tight, am kissing your whole face, kissing your nipples and kiss and lick you on your ears darling. I love you so much my Angel. Your Queen“
Zeki: „Thank you for your love and support my darling sayang, youre so sweet my darling. Sit on my chest forever honey and let me kiss your two sexy butt my queen. Honey am holding your breast and playing with it like ukele my sayang. Love and respect you so much honey.“
Frey: „Sayang my love, I don’t dream about us last night, but I feel when I woke up this morning that you’re holding my waist darling 🙂 Why is the document of your house with Ossai? You mean from the house in Istanbul? Honey I hope the sale process there in LA would succeed. Darling, I don’t know until now if I could get some money from my nephew but I’ll try. Honey could you do something now with the sum I sent you, although it’s not enough?? Oh damn, I don’t know how to get it, but I’ll try honey. Darling I hold you tight and kiss you. I miss you always my Angel. *KISS* Your Queen“
Zeki: „Dear Queen, How was your night yesterday honey???? Am sorry about this sick network that wants to cause frustrations honey. Darling and holding your butt and kissing it so softly sayang, darling i have tried and making efforts to use the money you’ve sent me to start processing few materials that will make me claim the paper; so my hope remain on you my queen. I love you so much honey and i’ve been thinking about you playing guitar and seeing you dance on my lap darling. Honey i will resend the pic separately now okay honey???? Love you and respect you so much darling love, you’re my sunshine that leads me in the dark tunel honey. What are you wearing now darling???? You will talk with your son on Skype today honey???? Love and respect you darling queen. YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey: „My love, am so happy as I heard the sound coming from my phone, because I knew it must be yours sayang. Darling I told you that in middle of February is the money from my sold fund would be on my account, it’s sure honey and it’s about 20,000$. And in the first week I’ll get from teng hun too; for now I can only hope of back-payment from my debtor and that’s not much honey, but though if I get I’ll send it too. My love yeah it would be nice to dance on your lap while you’re playing guitar and I’d holding you and kissing licking on your eyes nose lips ears :-)) My darling yeah it’s right, today I’ll speak with my son on Skype. Sayang I love you and miss you so much; am wearing now my red kimono gown and drinking my coffee in the kitchen while thinking of you my love. Sayang please resend the picture separately honey thank you. Holding and kissing you my Angel Your Queen“
Frey (27.1.2015): „Sayang am here, I wrote you this morning on bbm that am on the way to manado. And I sent you a picture on bbm too darling. Didn’t you get it??? But the picture is maybe to bad. I’ll send it again separately okay honey. I always answer your messages on bbm if it came through darling, but its only few. It needs time until it could be delivered. Am also not happy about that my darling. On the way to manado this morning, I visited the hill near the volcano because the sight was good and clear and I snap the picture from there that I sent you darling [Dabei hab ich sie beobachtet. Während sie ihn damals etwa alle 15min kontaktierte, sogar wenn sie im Auto neben mir saß, funkt sie jetzt durchgehend Tag und Nacht.] Sayang I’m missing you so much my love, so allow me now sayang to come and sit on your chest my love. Sayang, do you feel it my love??? Hmmm kisses sayang. Oh darling I’m kissing your nipples, licking on it hmmm … kissing your lips softly my love … sucking on your tongue and licking your ears sayang .. hmmm you love it??? Sayang my love, hold me tight and kiss me darling … I love you forever sayang. I’ll lay for a while on your chest while you holding me, darling. Honey why can’t I call you darling????? … So I’m wearing now a blue baby doll with small panties, and you would love it I guess my love. I’m missing your sexy voice on the phone my Angel sayang. Your Queen“
Zeki: „Darling am also frustrated when i can’t hear your voice anymore honey/ i miss you sitting on my chest my sayang/ How was your yesterday honey and i hope you’re awake from sleep now sayang??? Honey am sorry about my network darling, what are you wearing honey ???? And what are you doing now darling???? coffee?? Please you need to keep my love in protect honey, magda and vera don’t know what we went through, so they should mind their business honey. I love and respect you so much saying …. Kisses on your neck honey … Missing you so much my darling!!!! YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey: „Sayang am so frustrated with this network honey 😦 I don’t know why is the network like this. It makes me so sad because I can’t hear from you a whole day and night my love. We can not really talk out our mind, what we want to say on bbm, because before you get the answer the network is gone. And then we start again with the same question like before and so on … oh damn it and it caused frustration. Sayang my love, I want you to know that although I still have contact with Vera and Magda but now I don’t let them know about our love status or anything else about you and me then they could not be able to understand it. Sayang I love you so much with my whole heart my darling. I have no words how to express my LOVE to you sayang. Honey I also make my efforts to support you as I can to get the money, but you know honey I can’t get it faster darling, am sorry. Honey am still waiting of the picture you sent me sayang, hope it will be shown in my email account one day. Honey love I miss you so much. Am holding you tight and kiss you my Angel Your Sad Queen“
Zeki: „Darling Queen, How are you honey??? I got your pictures and i wrote you on bum that your picture is so cute and lovely my darling. Honey you always get younger and younger my sayang – i love your yellow shirt and your magical Ukele sweetest body sayang. heheheheh Honey let’s just bare this network for now, my network communication company said there are upgrading the systems of all cell units; and they promised network will be stable by sunday. Honey how was your night and what are you wearing now honey??? Please come and sit on my nose my sweetie sayang, so i can kiss and smell your sweet laps honey [Cyber-Cunnilingus]. Darling am holding and kissing your crispy waist sayang. Love you and respect you so much sayang and kissing your soft neck my Queen. I will still keep on writing you on bum my love. YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Zeki (1.2.2015): „Sayang my phone must be working now, so please try and call me now. Honey send the money to Ossai and Elisha because i had to confirm if ossai have another name; but he said you should send to his name and elisha honey. his in cyprus to mail me my house documents honey.“
Zeki (2.2.2015): „hmmmmmmmm, wowwww honey is this you or your grand kid???? you are so sexy sayang … yum yum let me eat you my love kisses my darling“
Frey: „I made all this picture this morning when I woke up with my nighty.
Zeki: I LOVEEEEEEEE IT HONEY!! hehehe“ [Abgesehen von der miserablen technischen Qualität sind die Selfies von Frau Frei wirklich scharfe Wichs-Vorlagen. Als aktiv phantasievoll habe ich sie auf DEM Gebiet nie erlebt. Was hätten wir mit meinen künstlerischen Fähigkeiten zusammen für ein Team ergeben! Schade! Gerade die Frauen in den 60ern sind ja heiß begehrte Modelle. Neulich hat eine Betrüger-Gruppe in einer Mall Manados sie dazu gebracht, einen Vertrag zu unterschreiben, der sie für einen Produkte-Katalog als Foto-Modell engagierte. Daß sie stattdessen nur einen Kauf-Vertrag für unsinnige Geräte bestätigt und bezahlt hat, die ihr scheinbar geschenkt wurden, merkte sie dabei gar nicht.]
Frey: „Darling i have not much to send maybe only 1000dollar, but if I get it all today, I’ll send it to Ossay. If not then tomorrow okay? Honey I got all your 6 replies right at that moment when we were chatting on bbm. Honey I can’t call you now its after 6:00am it’ll take so much unit darling. So now you got all my pictures. Yeah honey its my grand daughter :)) Darling but where is your picture??? I still didn’t get it honey. Sayang my love I missed you so much, I’m holding you tight and kiss you my angel. Your Queen
Sayang if you feel sad because you’re thinking about your sons, or you see them in your dream, so it is naturally sayang. Darling nobody can really feel your pain as a father who lost his sons; especially if you were not there or couldn’t be there as its happened; you feel guilty because you couldn’t protect them, or you had not enough time to be together with them before and many many reproach against yourself, it’s naturally honey … But somehow, all this will happen whether you were there with them or not because it has been planned by the One, sayang.“
Frey (5.2.2015): „I know that you’re still angry on me because of yesterday, nevertheless please forget wich yesterday was. Many things is like unbelievable but it’s true. So you believe me or not, it’s up to you honey. Sayang, nothing would make me happy for this moment than have no debt anymore. And you know, that I take all this risk just for us, so we can be together for ever.“
Frey: „Darling this is the carrot that you wanted, with hope which also pleases you like the previous 🙂 . Kisses my Angel“
Zeki (8.2.2015): „Hmmmmmm, its so lovely my queen. Next you will send me your orange nipples .. heheheI have written you so much on bbm but no reply. I felt bad though honey“
Frey (11.2.2015): „My darling, since two days I didn’t hear you, I hope it’s only the network problem though I am not so sure honey. Darling the money I received on Friday was only part of that what she wants to give me, so the remaining I’ll get on Monday. if I’ll get the money before noon, I’ll send it, otherwise on Tuesday, okay? Honey to whom should I send the money then? Please give me name. Sayang I’m missing you so much and I miss your voice my love. I tried calling you several time but still can’t going through. I’m holding you tight and kissing you my Angel. I love you honey. Your Queen“
Zeki: „Your body is so soft darling, i think you live in the water like fish sayang. Hmmmmm wish i could lick your body now honey. Love and respect you so much sayang. What did you do today sayang???? How was your night yesterday honey???? I missed you darling and am expecting your calls tonight my queen. Come and sit on my chest sayang, so i can feel your lovely body!!! Kissing your nipples and licking your back & neck honey. When did you leave skype honey??“
Frey (12.2.2015): „The woman who owned the money is an Indonesian live in London. Her husband is dead through plain-crash some years ago, and thats the money she got from the insurance company. She had the money in London account before but the husband’s brothers want some of that money too, that’s why she transfer it to Indonesia, through U.K. Embassy in Jakarta. Now my friend’s brother is a high rank military officer has confirms that the money is already there in the embassy. The trustee is my friend, so he has to bring the document to the embassy and has to pay the tax then take the money to manado, put it in the bank, so he said. It’s hart to believe. What do you think? I couldn’t get any money for him.
Frey (27.2.2015): „I took this [Softporn] morning while we talking on bbm sayang“
Zeki: „Sayang you look so sexy in bed, can’t wait to hold you tight my darling!! Hmmmmmmmmmm, your nipples looks sweet darling. can i bite it??
Zeki (4.3.2015): „Honey i want to appreciate your loving heart for my soul, can’t really express it. I miss and i love you honey; I know am weak this period but am fine now sayang. You always make my day meaningful and bright, Honey how was your day???? Hope you enjoyed it??? Come and sit on my chest darling so i can play and spank your butt my sweet Sayang. Darling am holding you tight and kissing your lovely amazing soft body, and will stick glue to it. What are you wearing sayang??? What are you doing now my love??? what did you eat for dinner honey????!!“
Frey (5.3.2015): „Honey, am very sorry that the money is not there yet. I’m therefore a little angry to my nephew and depressed and feel bad, because this will delayed the sale process. In addition, my debtors repay only very sparingly, so I’m in the last time very tight with money. This morning after Teng Hun called me, I was so brave to asked him, if he could lend me some money and will pay him back next week. He refused and had reminded me, that I still owe him some, and said I’ll not get a penny from him anymore. This is not the first time he says to me. That’s why I’ve to pay all things from my money. Honey the relationship between him and me has become more complex now. But I want to be patient darling and just by the thought of you sayang I can stand it. Darling, please don’t feel burdened, I just want to have it out of my mind because I don’t have anyone I can talk to about it, except you sayang.
Zeki: „Each time i think of the first day i met you my heart sing with joy, Honey you may have forgotten but today makes it 1 year for our long to reign. It was just like yesterday but love made each day of our life so fast and young. Honey i know you may feel down now, but i want you to know that i have this big respect for you and i will always love you till the end of time. You brought life into my soul honey and you made me stay alive, only your love can bring a dead man alive. Honey i want you to know that our love is even more stronger than the troubles we overcame, darling you’re my queen, my darling, my sugar papaya, my lovely apple, my sweet creammy, my sweet potatoe, my queen of panties, my queen of cooking the best meal i will taste before i die, my brave sayang ‚I LOVE YOU‘. Am holding you honey, and i’m kissing you & all prt of your body my QUEEN. YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey: „Got your lovely email honey, just now am in bed with my black and trying to sleep on your chest my love. I love you my Angel [Anhang: Softporno]
Honey, I want to thank you for your lovely mail. It was very touch; I can well remind of the month of March; the month where Aphrodite’s arrow [?] has hit me right in the heart; the month which my world meet all of the sudden rain of flowers. My darling, your love has let me feel like a seventeen year old girl [Ein Schlüsselsatz!], I am ashamed when I think about it. Sayang despite everything we’ve been through, it made my feelings to you even more intense my love. We’ve already one year behind us, please think through darling, because the end of the tunnel is in sight. Am holding you tight my Angel love. Your always loving Queen“
Frey (13.3.2015): „Honey today is a very sad day to me. By what things must we go through until we achieve our goal? There’s no more logic to me, I can no longer understand. How many effort I make my darling, at the end there’s always a hook and its repeated again and again. It’s like a race who never want to end up. It reminds me of when you still in Thailand. My sayang how could I support you yet? I have myself nothing more except debt, and I don’t even know how I should pay it back honey, because I hoped I would got assist from you in April. But now everything goes down the drain. Sayang all of my hope to meet you soon is gone. My darling sayang but though I love you and I would never leave you again except you you’re leaving me.“
Zeki: „I understand what you feel my queen. Be Calm, the lord will see us through honey! I love you and respect you so much sayang. Dear Queen, I want you to know that we have passed all the test and temptations that can break our love. Our love can’t die honey, we have been destined to die together forever. Sayang there is no ’smoke without fire‘, and if we can stand still for 1 year with all this silly trials; note that nothing else can break our love darling.“
Frey: „Dear sayang, That is a very beautiful email, at the same time a beautiful declaration of love. Thank you my dear Sayang. Honey maybe you didn’t recognized the fire on my part but after you’ve seen me in video?
My Angel I will always love you until eternity. Am holding you tight sayang. YOUR QUEEN Sayang am trying to overcome my sadness with this crazy video.“ [Mein Eindruck vom Video: Eine durchgeknallte Oma entblößt mit den Gesten einer ordinären Hure teilweise ihre Brüste. Ein peinliches Produkt, mit dem er sie in der Endphase der göttlichen Forever-Love erpreßt.]
Zeki: „Honey i love you so much, sometimes i feel like jumping in the video you sent me and squeeze your breast darling. I have been watching the video over & over& over all the time sayang. Honey let me tell you that your love keeps me alive, you give you strength and hope honey. I know this season we will meet sayang, just be patient and relaxed. I’m the one who’s supposed to have hanged himself in the prison cell in bangkok, but i just know it’s not the best way to handle issues. Honey i love you and i love you till eternity my sayang, honey i want to kiss you from now till the goats smile and shout at us. Hold me tight my darling and let me put your head on my chest so you can hear my heart beats honey. Come and sit on my chest sayang so i can play with your hips and your waist darling, I’m kissing your eyes, nose forehead, belly & legs honey. Love you and respect you so much sayang, ALL WILL BE FINE MY QUEEN. YOUR ANGEL HARRY Z“
Frey: „Sayang, I won’t waiting for months until I can meet you. So that’s why I want to meet you before you sold the house. I have an idea. Honey, when I send you the first $7tsd, could you come to Bali for a week or 5days maybe? And at that time I’ll get more money, so I can give you in cash. What do you think of it darling. I missed and love you so much my Angel“

Harry-Zeki Bett


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