Missing Adventures


AAI is investigating the group Islamic State and their popularity for an upcoming article in Secular World magazine. As part of our research, we would like to know YOUR theories as to why they have been so successful, and why so many youth seem to be attracted to join up.”

Couldn’t it be a good idea, if the world’s idiots gather at one point? One could better get rid of them.
Why mostly young people are organizing in radical Islamic groups, is no mystery for me. Why still young people fall prey to Christian fantasies? Is there no learning from history, no real spiritual progress? Hardly for low-skilled without special opportunities in a life with lack of real adventures – like war offers. In an increasingly complicated world, simple, straightforward solutions are desired. Those, who can’t stand the complexity of the universe, try to create their own cosmos. After the Christians didn’t succeed to burn all heretics, they still try aggressively to change the whole world to their customs. Even the US movie-industry is partially following this trend. When Muslims, Hindus and Confucians react in a similar irrational way, Christian missionaries propagate themselves as martyrs.
I suppose that the problem of radical Islam would be much smaller, if one – especially in the United States – would stop bothering other cultures and start to really endure their existence. In 14 years living in Indonesia, I haven’t been missionized by Muslims even once. But by Christians, however, in an incredibly primitive and intrusive manner on a daily basis. So: Fuck Christmas!



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