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Uganda Passes „Anti-Homosexuality“ Bill
In mid-December, the Speaker of the Ugandan legislature announced that the legislature had finally passed the notorious „Anti-Homosexuality“ bill that had been bottled up in legislative committees for years.  Extending existing Ugandan laws criminalizing homosexual acts, the new law not only provided life in prison for repeat offenders but also criminalized the „promotion of homosexual agendas“ and failure to report knowledge of homosexuals to government authorities. The bill had been promoted not just by Ugandan Pentecostals but also by their American counterparts who have been identified as being part of a Christian Dominionist „New Apostolic Reform“ movement that seeks to bring all governments under an aggressively conservative Christian worldview.

African Pentecostals Expanding Into Worldwide Enterprises
For the past several years, Nigerian pastors have been vying with American pastors for the notorious honor of being listed on Forbes‘ Top 10 Richest Pastors list … All of these pastors, both American and Nigerian, are known for having multiple opulent homes in multiple countries and their own private jets while relying heavily on nepotism to manage their empires. Less-known is that they also have sizable international operations: All of the Nigerian pastors listed above have missions in the US, the UK, and even Australia and Canada, all contributing significant contributions to their bottom line – and, of course, all tax-free. This past year, Pastor E.A. Adeboye made headlines in announcing a tour through Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea to plant new missions for his evangelical empire; in doing so, he raised the ire of human-rights and secularist groups who sought to have his visa application rejected for the demonization of LGBT people and the victimization of individuals accused of witchcraft. The visa was granted anyway, but the incident exposed just how lucrative evangelical preaching has become in some parts of the world.

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2 Gedanken zu „Christian Dominion

  1. Und wer hätte erwartet, daß der nächste Totalitarismus aus dem Christentum kommen würde. Als ob es nie ein Zeitalter der Aufklärung gegeben hat. Das wird in D sicher nicht so deutlich, in Entwicklungsländern jedoch als Pest zu erleben. Relativiert nur dadurch, daß die größten Feinde nicht Atheisten und Islamisten sondern die ums Geld konkurrierenden anderen christlichen Sekten sind. Sobald von Ökumene die Rede ist, weiß man, daß kalter Krieg herrscht.

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