Buddhist Glossary


Als ich mein buddhistisches Glossar in der Tricycle-Community veröffentlichte, ergänzten es Andy MacDonald (AMD) und Florence Rastogi (FR):

Anatman: (Sanskrit) a seller of Buddhist monastic head coverings (AMD)
Amitabha: president of the Western Pure Land
Arhat: an advertising slogan for the sellers of Buddhist monastic head coverings (AMD)
Attachment: extra email-file
Bhikkhu: female biker
Blogisattvas: those who think they know best on Buddhist websites – with attached compassion of course! (AMD)
Bodhicitta: bode you well and said ‚hi‘ when you had an ‚aha‘ moment in the loo (FR)
Buddha or Buddy: good comrade
Buddha-Dharma: (German) good comrade’s gut
Buddha: a dairy product made from the milk of Goatama’s human kindness… (AMD)
Celibacy: someone selling microbial infection to the monks (if he’s Italian, he sells them kisses) (FR)
Compassion: company, which collects money for the poor and consumes at least 90% for itself
Cyclical existence: women feel it till ~50
Dakini: an item of swim-wear for female Buddhist dieties (AMD)
Digha Nikaya: the first (very long) Buddhist book on the art of gardening. Shorter versions on the spiritual art of gardening are available in the Zen traditions. (AMD)
Dharma-dhatu: the Buddhist brother of the „Star Wars“ character R2-D2. (AMD)
Enlightenment: when the electricity-breakdown is over
Generosity: science about getting old
Grace Parking: 15min free parking below Buddha-tooth-temple Singapore
Ignorance: I wouldn’t publish any names of Tricycle members.
Impermanence: prostate problems
Mahasthamaprapta: pulmonary disease
Mara: (in Hindi) can mean either ‚kill‘ or ‚die’… (in old Provence french dialect) means ‚black‘ (FR)
Nirvana: famous pop-band
Shantideva: (German) god for singing sailors
Six-syllable mantra: “O My Pad Is Han Ging”; computer-crash
Suffering: no email
Sukh Dukh: the suffering of shopping in a market in Morocco (FR)
Ten Great Vows: strong reaction on something remarkable
Tripitaka: Buddhist travel company offering holidays in northern India (AMD)
Triple Gem: (German) short stepping mountain-goat
Tulku: words of endearment whispered to one’s tool (FR)
Udana: a compassionate version of U Tube. (AMD)
Venerable: danger of genital infection
Vinaya: a monastic discipline for Buddhist monks and nuns who might want to drink wine. (AMD)

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