Saints of Capitalism

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„Move Fast. Break Things.“ Facebook Motto

Obwohl wir gerade im Bereich der Internet-Kommunikation aktuell das klassische Phänomen des Monopol-Kapitalismus erleben (Verschwinden und Zusammenschluß der kleinen zugunsten einiger weniger Super-Anbieter), wollen WordPress, Google, Facebook & Co angeblich nur, daß wir glücklich sind. In meinem Fall könnte ich ohne weiteres auf hypertrophierten Animations-Zirkus verzichten und wäre mit gut programmiertem Design völlig zufrieden.
Rob Cox („The ruthless overlords of Silicon Valley”, Newsweek 19.3.2012) glaubt diesen neuen Heiligen des Kapitalismus nicht: “The truth is, it’s increasingly tough for the establishment of Silicon Valley to argue that their business is any less evil – or does any more good – than the bulk of Corporate America. Underneath the haughty language of moral superiority lies the same profit motive that drives all business – and a ruthlessness rivaling history’s greatest industrial bullies … That’s because a tweak here or there to the privacy settings of a social network or a tiny change to the code on a mobile application can mean a world of difference in the value of information an advertiser – or, in extremis, a government institution – can access about a usually unaware user … Hardly a day passes without some new revelation of an Internet or mobile company stepping a byte too far into private business of its customers. Among the more shocking of recent infractions, Google was found to have altered its computer code to trick the Safari web browser on Apple’s iPhones into overriding the privacy settings of millions of users.” Die neuen Manager dieser Firmen “are trying to get rich like anyone else … Lofty words and ideals … can also serve as cover for motives that clash with the broader interests of consumers and society.”


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