Occupy WordPress

The way the WordPress-team is treating users is absolutely disgusting: Without informing those who are daily filling badly programmed themes like “2010”, “2011”, “Modularity lite” and “Nishita” with creative content, something disappears, is changed like email-settings, or the actual mad idea of “infinity scroll” comes as a surprise. And if there’s any reaction of the staff at all then this: “We know you’ll forgive us.” No “Premium”-user will be protected if this whole overheated system is going down like others before. That I experienced 2 times, so I’m immune against honey-smearing, professional-smile and being thrown out. We should take a time out to give WordPress the chance to think about that.

I hope that Microsoft takes over and does some fundamental changes.



7 Gedanken zu „Occupy WordPress

  1. I’m not sure, Brandon, my informations are that Microsoft bought WordPress. So there’s the wrong platform (Open Source) or the wrong partner (Microsoft products). Some of that will change. WordPress recommending Google is ridicolous.
    When I 1st saw that new “infinity scroll”, I scanned my pc because I thought it would be a virus.

  2. Die Chaoten des WordPress-Teams machen ihre Plattform schneller kaputt, als ich erwartet hab (Selbst simple Emails der „Happiness Engineers“ passen nicht ins Hotmail-Format.):

    „Hi Tom,
    Sorry for the delay. You can deactivate the Infinite Scroll feature from your Reading Settings. Please note you will need to have at least one Footer Widget in order to see the ‚To infinity and beyond‘ checkbox. If you don’t need any Widget just add a blank Text Widget without any content. Let me know if this helps.
    Kind regards,
    Rick | Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com”

    This is bullshit, Rick! There never was and is a deactivation possibility (This was the 1st, I was looking for!). All my Footer Widgets disappeared because of this stupid new Infinite Scroll-Idea. And they are NOT restorable because there is no footer any more. I had to place them in the sidebar.
    Regards from


  3. I’m „Down“ with your complaint. I experienced some very detrimental effects to my „Edit“ console back when they changed the overhead NAV bar, with no notice. I was in the middle of publishing a post, and certainly was made Very aware something had suddenly gone wrong. I immediately went to the „Forum“ Help page, and was surprised to receive a quick response to my „Question“ by either a Tech who was performing the changes at that time, or someone representing WordPress. He informed me there was „No Way“ anything they were doing could have caused the issue I was suddenly experiencing, but, became rather silent on the matter when ( Three ) other bloggers joined the thread with similar issues and questions. Having some experience with HTML and CSS on a previous host, I was only elated that in this case I not writing any codes, or serious stuff. Still, I have had the issue ever sense which has considerably slowed my ability to make post. I was once able to create font formats of a poem in nearly any geometrical shape I wanted. Now, it some times takes all night to shape a poem into the shape of a simple diamond. That of course is just one thing that changed. Worse than having to re adjust to everything and taking twice as long to publish, is the fact that the „Thread“ I opened was closed without anyone addressing the other three bloggers affirmations of my complaint. In fact, one of the more regular „Forum“ attendants/ volunteer, or, whomever, came in and ( stole my time ) informing us , not only should we not try to be posting anything, nor come to the „Forum“ to question the staff while they are making such changes,,,Changes they never sent a memo they were planning to make…
    Oh, well…

  4. YES! That’s the very special situation at WordPress. And there’s only 1 explanation for that: It’s the result of dictatorship of 1 very young person. But he’s nothing without us, right?

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