Bali World Peace Memorial


„Invocation Card" der „Lion Air" für Hindus:

„Om Sanghyang Widhi Wasa the Greatest, all wealth and intelligence comes from your blessings. Keep our minds and manners pure and let us attain inner peace and happiness."

Flags for peace calling for peace praying for peace political correctness for peace batik for peace circle of hope for peace anniversary for peace blogging for peace optimism for peace flowers for peace everyone plays a part for peace all love peace echoes for peace more peace solar festive lanterns string light for peace features 10 assembled 7cm lanterns multicoloured shells made from heavy duty polyester fabric and 2m translucent chord to solar panel for peace made in China for peace ideal for outdoor entertaining hung under awnings or wrapped through trees for peace no electricity for peace lost friend no peace this is the end of the Bali world peace memorial blog post for peace.


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