Australische Ethik


The police in Kuta caught 3 young pickpockets last month. 2 of them are 10 years old and the other is even much younger, about 8 years old! But the police released them soon because the victim in this case, a tourist from Australia, didn’t want to make a report to the police. She didn’t report herself as a victim of pickpocketing but she gave money to these young children instead.
We understand that she could feel pity but the way she expressed it is not good for the character development of these children. We are afraid they will do another illegal act in the future since they broke the rules but they didn’t get punished.
…Child criminals will have particular handling. They will be sent to special houses for such kind of character building. In fact, by reporting them, we do not let them drop down deeper into criminal world.
We also hope that all criminal’s victims inform the police of their misfortune. This makes the authorities pay more attention and do what they have to do. By giving information, it means we care about our neighborhood and its security. Indifference allows the frequency of felonies to grow easily.

Ruslan Wiryadi, „UBUD Community", November 2010

I Made Poster (*1951), „Man threatened by the Modern World", 1973, watercolor on paper, Museum Puri Lukisan
(Der junge Mann wird wegen seines irdischen Verhaftetseins, symboliert durch den Drachen, von 1 Dämon gewürgt. Die Nackte, die ihm Fußfesseln anlegt, repräsentiert sexuelle Abhängigkeit, der Griff ins Feuer die verzehrende Wirkung der Begierde. Beobachtet wird die Szene rechts oben von Surya, dem Sonnengott, Zeuge aller Taten. Im Gegensatz dazu links der Frauenkopf unter dem 3. Auge Trinetra und dem Zeichen der Verheirateten auf der Stirn.)


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