Chakren schütteln


Jelila ist 1 international bekannte Kristall- und Fern-Heilerin, Seelenzieherin, Selbstentdeckungs-Führerin, Transformerin, Reprogrammiererin und Matrix-Aktiviererin. Seit 13 Jahren lebt sie auf Bali:

„As you follow in the idyllic footsteps of Julia Roberts in the movie Eat, Pray, Love and enjoy Bali’s beautiful green ricefields, lovely flowers, and relax with yoga & meditation, isn’t Ubud the perfect place to perfect your inner connection to yourself and to create your Soulmate Relationship? (auf jeden Fall)
To attract a Soulmate – a loving, close relationship matching your needs – you must first be closely connected within yourself. (sach ich doch imma) Crystals that can help you, by bringing a positive uplifting vibration, are Rose Quartz, which brings love, and Calcite or Citrine, which brings the feeling of joy – like when you are with your Soulmate. (Her mit diesem Quartz!)
Rose Quartz vibrates at a similar frequency to the heart chakra, soothing, attracting and expanding love. Programming it, and combining it with Clear Quartz, as in Jelila’s Love Necklace (available at Bali Spirit Yoga Shop), which speeds up energy, allows love to come to you more quickly, and helps you to discover more love in yourself. Wear the Love Necklace or place under your pillow to help you find your Soulmate Relationship. (Dascha praktisch!)
In Ubud, Jelila’s Soulmate Love Aura Reading tells you the sacred shape and colour you have in each chakra and the meaning, which reveals the colours in your aura, clearly highlights any blocks you have in your love life and ‚Hits all the right places‘. She then guides you in a transformation process then releases a block, allowing you to find more love." (Jetz aba nix wie los und Quartz programmieren! Mit HTML oda wie???)


Diese Schmuckstücke hab ich aba nich bei Jelila gekauft.
Nachher sind irgendwelche Yingel-yangel-bugs drin.


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