Friß, bete und fahr nich nach Bali


Ich mein, der neue Film mit Julia Roberts „Eat Pray Love” iss so offensichtlich von der italienischen und balinesischen Tourismus-Industrie gesponsert, daß es eigentlich nich lohnt, ihn ernstzunehmen. Mutich iss das latürnich, daß sich Julia (Liz) von Vulkanausbrüchen, Tsunamis, Flugzeugabstürzen, Volksaufständen und Rabies unbeeindruckt ausgerechnet auf Bali aufhielt. Wahrscheinlich hat sie davon ganix mitbekommen. Wegen der extremen Verkehrsbehinderungen soll man in Jakarta und auf Bali aufgeatmet haben, als Obama und Roberts wieder wech waren.

Filmkritikerin Lindy West aus Seattle beschreibt den Film so:
“I’m just so bored of ladies and their emotions doing stuff – and, worse, the assumption that those three elements alone (ladies, emotions, stuff) are enough to constitute entertainment for other ladies.
Here is what Eat Pray Love is about: Julia Roberts (she cannot be anything but Julia Roberts) is a successful travel writer with a house, a million bucks and a handsome husband. Naturally, she is also paralysed by abject sorrow: ‚I had actively participated in every moment of the creation of this life. So why didn’t I see myself in any of it?‘ She dumps the spouse and embarks on a year-long tripartite journey to find her stupid, privileged self …
(At an Indian ashram) She ultimately concludes that she needs to ‚forgive herself‘ – for what I have no idea. She has literally done nothing but go on vacation and eat spaghetti. I cannot figure out what is so wrong with this woman’s life …
The third and final chapter is ‚love‘, which brings Julia Roberts to the even more exotic shores of Bali. In Bali, she becomes best friends with a wacky, toothless medicine man, meditates some more, gets a bladder infection and meets her dream man – a fitting finale to a movie all about how you don’t need a husband to be happy as long as you have spaghetti. (Pro tip: It turns out you do!) At one point, Javier Bardem runs her over with his car. That part was okay.
Now, I am not opposed to women ‚finding‘ themselves. I am not anti-spaghetti. Ladies, feel free to continue appreciating the little things in life and savouring the moment and dreaming of cuddles with Javier Bardem (I love him, too).
And you know what? Objectively, Eat Pray Love isn’t even that bad as cotton-candy chick flicks go.
But the unexamined privilege, the idealisation and making exotic of all places east, the canned spirituality, the sensual spaghetti – it’s all so focus-group-tested and Oprah-approved and self-perpetuating and embarrassing that I just want to go and hide in an ashram somewhere and suck on figs forever.”

"Bali Times" – 1 Response (September 21st, 2010 at 6:21 am):
”You no understand. Many, many sad lady from American visit me now, want magic drawing. Want find love. Want not sad. I make magic drawing and pray, we happy now. You happy now. So come visit me in Bali. I make special magic drawing for you. I no have teeth.
Yours truly, Ketut Liyer”

Tatsächlich iss der Film völlich unrealistisch. In Wirklichkeit war Liz so geschockt von den Reise-Warnungen ihrer Regierung, daß sie den Trip im letzten Moment absagte und lieber zu Hause blieb, um in aller Ruhe durch Krebs, Hurricane oder Autounfall zu sterben.

2 Responses to “Bali’s Batur on Eruption Alert”
How says (November 3rd, 2010 at 12:37 pm):
"I’ll be in Bali from 26th November 2010 to 30th November 2010. Will it affects my trip?"
Lisa says (November 3rd, 2010 at 3:59 pm):
"Yes smart ass … dont walk close to the volcano"

Ich fuhr trotzdem zum Vulkan Batur, um mich mal von der Ameisenbekämpfung zu erholen. Nich mal Rauch war zu sehn. Ich hab einfach imma Pech.



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