Singing in the vain

Bevor ich losfuhr, frischte ich ersma mein Englisch auf:

May I introduce you to my shower?
Can I order a waitress?
Where does this bed go.
How big is the next bordello?
I stole Carl Jung.
I want to wash Nawlins.
Where is the next drug?
May I serve you some Kamasutra?
Take this brother, may it hurt you well.
Please hold my voodoo-pretzel!
I’m singing in the vain.
Is living dangerous?
Can I ride easy with this market-cart?
I want to go to the gully.
One Texas-chicken with tomato-juice, please!
Is this the way to the Mülleimer?
I take the fat as it comes.
There’s a price on the wall! Can I make him out?

Die Gegenseite übte auch schon fleißig, aba nur kurz:

gutentog, mine leapshun?


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